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Retainer Service Packages

For landowners who are looking for a comprehensive approach to their wildlife and habitat management needs, Wildlife Consultants offers a retainer service package, which allows us to create a customized, multi-faceted program to address the client’s goals and objectives year-round.  Because our professionals design each piece of the program to work in concert with the others, we achieve synergy instead of the unintended chaos that can result from a piecemeal approach. By working with the landowner to create a singular vision and implement a cohesive plan, Wildlife Consultants can increase efficiency and reduce costs. An annual Retainer Service Package, allows landowners to access the brainpower of Wildlife Consultants’ experienced professionals for a fraction of the cost of a employing a full-time wildlife biologist, saving money that can be applied to other ranch operations. Below you will see a partial list of services that provide the basis of an annual Retainer Service Package.




  • Goals and visioning plan.
  • Resource inventory.
  • Wildlife population survey.
  • Population management strategies.
  • Wildlife management plan.
  • Assistance with permit applications and requirements.
  • Harvest data analysis.
  • Multiple on-sight visits through the year to ensure appropriate implementation and progress.
  • Staff training seminar.
Retainer Packages

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